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My goal is to make work or life more meaningful by improving your productivity workflow leveraging Notion.

Who/What is Bearded Notioneer?

<aside> 👋 Hi my name is Nick, I am the Bearded Notioneer! I have been using notion for 5+ years now and fell in love with the flexibility.

I will help you do the following:

🧠 Understand your current workflow for each of the different components of your life like never before.

🔄 Transform current time-consuming workflow—no matter how sophisticated—into efficient, even automated blocks in notion which will allow you to engage in more meaningful work.

🧰 Utilize your notion strategy wherever you go. Use task-specific, customizable notion pages with embedded integrations to ensure that you can complete, record, and track tasks from any device, anywhere.

🗽 Liberate yourself from spending time on repetitive tasks so you can focus instead on high-value, mission-critical work.



<aside> ❓ There are so many different productivity tools out there but none of them can be shaped and developed into the perfect system which consolidates and enhances your productivity ecosystem for you and your needs.



<aside> 🛠 Whether its your business, personal life or both let me help you take control of the flexibility of the notion platform and help to shape it to fit into your life.

View the standard packages offered and their processes below.



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